2020 SLS-Orion EGS Suppliers Conference

Photo: Phil Monkress All Points CEO/President introducing Alabama Congressman Aderholt

Washington, DC – February 12-13

Across the country, supplier businesses, large and small, are building the systems necessary for powering humankind into deep space by launching larger payloads farther into our solar system, faster than ever before possible, to enable exploration, science and national security missions.  They are pushing the envelope in manufacturing, engineering, program support, procurement services, and much more and are finding creative ways to work better, faster and more affordably. Building America’s next great rocket, SLS, to launch Orion, our deep space crew transport, and the Exploration Ground Systems to launch these systems requires not only technical expertise, but the long-term commitment of many partners, who understand that achieving Earth independence depends on setting a course, and staying the course. Our SLS-Orion-EGS supplier team continues to steadfastly support a national commitment to building a better tomorrow – today.