All Points Applauds National Space Club Honorees During 2019 Celebrate Space Awards

October 19, 2019, Cape Canaveral FL

Joining All Points at their table were, left to right, Anna Palermo; Abby Brown; All Points Senior Vice President of Business Development Kevin Brown; Florida District 52 Rep. Thad Altman; Adriana Lloyd; All Points Chief Development Officer Steve Lloyd; Lockheed Martin Director of Florida Site Ops and Worldwide Satellite Launch Ops Gordy Houser; and Lockheed Martin Senior Mechanical Engineer Louis Achee.

In an effort to honor the fascinating individuals who make impactful contributions to America’s space program, the National Space Club Florida Committee recognizes them with special awards and honors.

Lifetime Achievement Award winners included Tom Duncan and Fred Jankowski, both of whom have done critical work and provided incredible leadership for more than 40 years.

Space Worker Hall of Fame honorees included Bill Dowdell, Liz Allen, Stu Warren, Matt Woodings, Mike Chappell, Les Lakes, Ralph Rohloff, Randy Stalnaker, Diane Matthews, Joe Mayer, Jerry Moyer and LeDonna Neterer.
The Rising Star Award was presented to Lockheed Martin Test Engineer Chelsea Partridge, and the Kolcum Award went to Ben Cooper and Julie Arnold.